Gesund durch den Winter –Tipps für gute Abwehrkräfte

Our immune system protects us from viruses and bacteria, so that we stay healthy. It forms an effective barrier against pathogens, we are exposed to in everyday life. It happens that our immune system is slightly weakened. In this case, the pathogens can quickly fall upon our bodies and it is then quickly to a cold, which is not threatening, but very unpleasant.

Dying To Be Thin

A weak immune system – why?

The causes of a weakened immune system may be quite different in nature. Stress is one of the most common factors. Even sleep and unhealthy lifestyles are among the causes of a weakened immune system. With simple tips, the immune system can be strengthened effectively. We have put together some advice for you. In this way, the cold season can come quietly.

Healthy eating

If our body is supplied with all the nutrients they need for their strengthening, is also the immune system to the height and protects and most coughs, colds and Co. The diet is therefore the first point that we should address to strengthen the defenses. A golden rule is that a healthy diet daily five servings include fruit. When serving applies about a handful. The rest of the Speiseplanes should be a healthy mix of low-fat protein, such as poultry or fish, whole grain and dairy products. Who nibbles now and then a piece of chocolate, his body does not hurt. The important thing is to enjoy everything in a correct measure.

Exercise is good

The immune system is very well supported, if someone plays sport regularly. The muscles and the immune system are in this case supported best. The body is better to defy able pathogens. Proper sports serving is three times 30 minutes in the week. It is important to always listen to your body. Anyone too heavily loaded, is the immune system do no favors.

Comforting warmth – Sauna

Saunas strengthen the immune system and promote the well-being. After a visit to the sauna you feel relaxed, the skin is silky smooth and the changing temperatures have brought up the metabolism. In addition, toxic substances were sweated out of the body. But it is important in any case, much to drink to compensate for fluid loss. The sauna is recommended not only in cold years show, but does in the summer as well.

Chill-out – peace and strength

Since it is known that stress is the greatest enemy of the immune system, provision should be made for regular relaxation. In stressful situations, the body produces a hormone called cortisol. Through this hormone, the immune system is inhibited. Very good it is for the soul (and defenses), if you regularly, eg every night, an hour takes to do things that are just beautiful. Also times with friends or family, in which a lot of laughter and talking, are very relaxing. During working hours, you can treat yourself to a few minutes of breathing through. A few minutes in the fresh air works wonders.

Sleep like a log

The sofa comes in the bustle of modern times is often neglected. Exactly this promotes a reduced immunity. During the sleep phase, our body is particularly active. For example, are produced white blood cells that provide for regeneration. The personal sleep requirement varies greatly. Some people need only 5 or 6 hours, others are recovering after 8 hours of sleep. The average requirement is 6 to 8 hours to feel rested the next morning.

Beware of cigarettes and alcohol

Together with the stress, including cigarettes and alcohol to the greatest enemies of the immune system. Who gets drunk neat, the activity of the immune system for a period of 24 hours is extremely reduced. The defenses are also affected if regular alcohol is consumed. The white blood cells are traveling as body police. See pathogens and try these identify the Gar. By the consumption of cigarettes, the white blood cells are disturbed at work. Those who opt for a nicotine and alcohol poor life, doing his immune system a favor.

A real all-rounder – Ginger

Ginger helps excellent for digestive problems. But this is not anything that can bring about this wonderful tuber. It stimulates the immune system and thus helps successful in combating colds. When the first symptoms of a cold are felt, ginger tea is a proven home remedies. To prepare the tea, a few slices of ginger are cooked with a liter of water for 15 minutes. The discs are removed and refined the tea with lemon or honey.

A push to the immune system – cold showers

They have a similar effect as saunas. Contrast showers train the temperature responses of the body. The vessels and the immune system are optimally strengthened. It is important to always start with a warm treatment and stop a cold shower is. The legs are from bottom to top, and processed by the outside inwards. The water should be set just so cold that it does not hurt.

Wintersonne tut gut

In autumn and winter we get the sun rarely seen. However, we feel much more comfortable if we gotten sunlight, as formed by the sunlight vitamin D. Insufficient Vitamin D ensures a weakened immune system. In breaks or leisure walks should be made to allow the body a little sunlight.

Prevention is better than cure with zinc

Zinc not only helps if we are already suffering from a common cold, but also strengthens the immune system before it’s time. The daily dose of zinc should move 15-20 milligrams. The pathogens can the body not as fast attack and mucous membranes are protected. Zinc is found in various foods. Fish, seafood, beef, eggs and dairy products are some examples of these foods. In combination with vitamin C, the effectiveness of zinc should be increased.

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